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Science has found that all matter vibrates, and where there is vibration, there is Sound. Feng Shui Cures Sound & Vibrational approach to enhancing your surroundings can uplift all those who enter the space.

Raising your energy is paramount to living a joyful life, and sound has healing qualities that set the stage for higher vibrational living.

Wind chimes, gongs and bells are examples of powerful Feng Shui Cures Sound applications for your home, garden or business.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Some Feng Shui Consultants believe that Wind Chimes should be placed on the outside of a building or home only, and not in the interior.

Anna Maria Prezio author of Feng Shui Ghost Busters writes that indoors wind chimes can attract ghosts.

We hang a wind chime that has sentimental meaning for us just inside our front door, and many Feng Shui advisors do not have a problem with indoor chimes.

You decide.

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Choose wind chimes by size and chime tones. The chime should be proportional to the space where it is placed. A small wind chime on a large open porch will not be as effective as a larger chime.

On the other side, a large wind chime placed in a small area can be overwhelming, repel those coming into the space, and create negative feelings for the occupants.

Chimes can Protect Your Home

Feng shui Cures

Place this lovely Turtle Chime on the back side of your home or business for positive support. The Turtle Chime is perfect for your garden, too.

Beautiful Turtle Chime Protects Your Home or Business

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Your priority is to choose a wind chime that has a very pleasing sound to you. If you live close to others, remember that your choice of uplifting sound may not be your neighbor's preference.

After placing the chime, call others in your neighborhood to see if the sound pleases them as much as it pleases you. You may have to move the chime, but you will honor your intent for a harmonious living area.

Available from Feng Shui Product Supplier, Unqiue Feng Shui Shop are Temple Bells crafted after Japanese Temple Bells that invite prosperity into your surroundings.

Temple Bell Chimes

Gongs & Bells

You can use a brass bell to remove stale Chi Energy from a space. I ring a Tibetan Bell before beginning a Feng Shui Consultation, as we walk the perimeter of the property. The clear tone raises the vibration of the surrounding area, and sets the stage for clarity during the consultation.

Gongs are wonderful Feng Shui Sound Cures that are especially effective at entrances of buildings, homes and gardens.

Gong Bell

Gong Bell from Unique Feng Shui Shop

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