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Feng Shui Cures
Light & Illumination

Feng Shui Cures Light include any items that illuminate an area, bringing uplifting energy into an otherwise dark or Yin environment.

Light helps us to "see" more clearly, to find our way through confusion or through dark places, and ushers in the feeling of joyful expansion.

Feng Shui Light Cures

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Lamps
  • Multifaceted Crystal Balls or Spheres
  • Mirrors
  • Candles and luminarias
  • Sunlight
  • Brightly colored posters or paintings of the Sun
  • Brightly colored wall hangings in the shape of the Sun
  • Brilliant objects that bring Light into a room

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Feng Shui Cures Light and Lamps

Lights, lighting and lamps can be placed in your living and work areas to bright a room, provide light for reading and activities, ensure safely, and set a desired mood.

  • Place up-lighting to "uplift" an area that is dark or sunken, or a house below street level. Energy tends to stagnate in low lying spaces, so place lamps and lights beaming upward.
  • To lift a below-street level house "out of a hole" and energize the occupants, place lighting around the outside perimeter of the house that beams up to the roof. Use this Light Cure to help motivate the occupants to success, as low-lying properties can "hold them down".
  • Place outdoor lights along your driveway to attract good Chi Energy onto your property

  • Light sidewalks, porches and paths around the outside of your house for safety and security.

  • Look for energy-efficient lighting, and the prosperity that flows into your home or business when your surroundings are support with Light Energy.

  • For low ceilings, install tract lighting or up-light floor lamps to shine light on The Heavens of your room to attract good Energy and Prosperity into your home or office.

A Blue Lava Lamp, or blue lamp of any kind can be used to activate The Bagua Map Career Gua. The Water Element of The Feng Shui 5 Elements is represented in the blue wave-like motion displayed on the walls and the ceiling, The Feng Shui Heavens.

Blue and The Water Element are attributes of The Career Gua so career success can be stimulated by the lamp's light.

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Feng Shui Multi-Faceted Crystal Balls

The versatile Multi-Faceted Crystal Ball or Sphere is a Feng Shui Light Cure. Place in windows or under a light to reflect the colors of the prism around a room to enliven the Chi Flow and stimulated all types of wealth and abundance.

We recommend that our clients hang 40-50mm Multi-Faceted Crystal Balls, as Feng Shui Cures Light in dark areas such as closets, to activate energy in certain areas of The Bagua Map. For example, if a closet is in the Wealth Gua of your home or room, hang a 50mm Crystal in the center of your closet.

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The Feng Shui Mirror

Another versatile Feng Shui Cures Light Cure is the rectangular, square, circlar or octagonal mirror. Mirrors reflect or absorb light, and can be used as powerful cures to push away negative energy or invite good Chi Energy into a space.

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Feng Shui Candles

Feng Shui Candles represent the strongest of The Feng Shui 5 Elements, The Fire Element.

Candles can be used in almost every room of the house to stimulate vibrant energy. Bold, large candles can be placed in living areas, such as the living or family rooms. Soft votive candles work well in bathrooms, and romantic candles can be placed in the master bedroom to encourage loving relationships.

Effective as Light Cures, candles can be placed in an area with too much of The Metal Element, as "Fire melts Metal", and softens the overwhelming harshness of strong metallic influences.

If there is too much of The Fire Element in a room, such as is associated with a large fireplace, then candles must be used sparingly, to keep occupants from becoming too "fiery" or aggressive.

As always, use candles responsibility, and never leave burning unattended.

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