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Feng Shui Crystals and Natural Crystals

Multi-faceted Feng Shui Crystals represent The Water Element.

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Feng Shui uses the crystal spheres to adjust the flow of energy and activate any area instantly with the reflective light of these perfectly faceted sphere.

Hung in windows, crystals can bring good energy from the outside into dark or stagnant areas of your home, office or hallways, as well as energizing particular sectors for creating desired positive results.

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Multi-Faceted Feng Shui Crystals

  • Reflect rainbow colors, magical and vibrant energy
  • Activate and lift energy in a room or negative energy space
  • Create uplifting, special effects when hung in sunlit windows
  • Hang in missing Bagua areas to extend the energy & intention
  • Choose size according to room area; 30mm-40mm sufficient
  • Spheres (balls) are best as they move energy from all directions
  • Place on a red cord, measured in 9" multiples - that is, 9", 18", 27" and so on, as the height of the ceiling or area requires
  • A multi-faceted crystal is a "Light" Cure so clean frequently

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Hanging Crystal Placement
by Bagua Map Location

For most Feng Shui cures and applications, I recommend using a clear, 30 mm multifacted Feng Shui Crystal.

Colored multifacted crystals can be placed to activate energy in specific areas of the Bagua.

  • A red crystal in The Fame & Reputation Gua
  • A green crystal in The Family Gua
  • A pink crystal in Love & Relationships Gua
  • A blue crystal in The Career Gua
  • A purple crystal in The Wealth Gua
  • A yellow crystal for The Center or Health Gua

Colored Crystal Cures
applied with The Bagua Map

Visit The Bagua Map to learn where to place
Multifacted Colored Crystals........

The Power of Natural Crystals & Gemstones*

  • Organic minerals carrying an energy charge (frequency)
  • Catalysts for human consciousness, radiating intentions
  • Energy activators or generators
  • Activate for growth, protection, healing and spiritual growth
  • Powerful, must be cleaned and treated with respect
  • Place on shelves, tables or room center to activate Chi
  • Place away from mirrors and wind chimes when performing a Feng Shui cure to prevent energy imbalances
  • Represent the Metal Element (minerals) in Feng Shui
  • Agate: Stabilizing and balancing - red agate energizes and blue agate calms
  • Amber: Excellent for absorbing negativity
  • Amethyst: Invokes feminine spiritual energy; calming and soothing
  • Aquamarine: Soothing, calming: Atlantean
  • Bloodstone: Detoxifying, healing and strengthening
  • Citrine: Clears thoughts, confidence, communication, decisions
  • Coral: Physical strength and determination
  • Garnet: Activates passion and life force
  • Jade: Healing, soothing, abundance
  • Lapis Lazuli: Spiritual awakening
  • Malachite: Calming, wisdom, peace
  • Moonstone: Feminine, ethereal, love
  • Pearl: Love, feminine, moon, water
  • Rose Quartz: Love, children, family, creativity
  • Smoky Quartz: Abundance, wisdom, good choice for house crystal
  • Tiger's Eye: Grounding, focusing
  • Tourmaline: Grounding, neutralizes negativity, psychic protection
  • Turquoise: Spirit, strength, success, protection, fulfillment
  • *Source: The Power of Gems and Crystals, Judy Platkus referenced by Denise Linn in her book, Sacred Space

  • Ametrine: Mixture of Citrine and Amethyst, spiritual, clear channel
  • Charoite: Provides synthesis between crown & heart charkas; love
  • Fluorite: Stabilizes, discourages chaos, increases concentration
  • Labradorite: Protects the aura, bridges ethereal & physical connection
  • Lepidolite: Activates throat & heart charkas, third eye, intellect
  • *Source: Love is in the Earth, A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody and Julianne Guilbault

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