Feng Shui Creativity & Children

Feng Shui Creativity and Children

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The Feng Shui Creativity and Children Gua focuses on relationships with your's or others' children in your life, your grandchildren, your own inner child, and the creativity that emerges from purity and simplicity.

Applying Feng Shui principles and techniques to children's spaces can set the environment for the peace and tranquility that allow children to learn and experiment without distractions. Both adult and child creativity is stimulated in clutter-free surroundings that are comfortable, safe, and nurturing.

From the new nursery to the classroom to the dorm room, Feng Shui applications bring a new dimension to a young person's life.

A supportive environment is enriched with the experience of good Chi Energy, continually into living and study spaces.

The Feng Shui Creativity and Children Gua
features The Metal Element and Pastel Colors
The Bagua Map
The Creativity & Children Gua

Feng Shui for Children

Feng Shui Creativity & Children Gua

Feng Shui Creativity and Children Books
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Feng Shui for the Classroom

In order to stimulate learning in a sometimes noisy, chaotic environment, Feng Shui can soften energy and create a safe learning .

Dr. Lin Yun advises that school teachers avoid wearing black and white, and favor blues, greens and pink colors.

Creating a clutter-free classroom sets up surroundings for balanced concentration. If children are encouraged to assist in helping with maintaining an organized space, they will feel connected to the process.

A safe, clean, well-laid out classroom will provide the background to spark creativity.

Feng Shui School Days

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Feng Shui Advice for Children & a Successful School Year
by Pat Sendejas, Feng Shui Expert

Feng Shui Dragon

True Story

A Feng Shui client had a teenage son who was having difficulty in school, and he wasn't happy. When she booked a Feng Shui Consultation her home, my client asked if I would take a look at her son's bedroom to see if Feng Shui might help her son in any way.

When I am working with a client who wants Feng Shui advice for her family, I always ask the client to get the cooperation or at least approval from the family member whose rooms will be included in the Feng Shui Consultation.

Surprisingly, the teenager invited me into his room, and I noticed that he had a 3-4 ft. high plastic figurine that looked like the Blue Horny Monster from Star Wars. He was an imposing, and scary character!

The teenager and I talked about the importance of going to sleep and waking up with something pleasant in his room, rather than a frightening figurine.

Without much nudging, the young man decided that he would replace The Blue Horny Monster with a statue of a fat, happy Buddha. A few weeks later, his mother reported that her son was more calm and focused on school.

The Point is.......

When someone is in the twilight zone of going to sleep or just waking up, it's important to put the subconscious into a peaceful state for focus, concentration and relaxation.

A jarring event or jolting image can startle the mind, so pay particular attention to the pictures, photos and paintings that you display on the walls or furniture in your bedroom.

Feng Shui is all about surrounding yourself with beauty, comfort and safety. Uplift yourself by placing beautiful objects, soft music and lovely aromas in your personal sanctuary.

Very Special Feng Shui Gardens
A Child's Garden

What a wonderful idea to provide a dedicated space in the yard for a Child's Garden. Designing a garden for your children could stimulate your own Feng Shui Creativity and Children energy, so let your imagination play.

Remember when you loved to play outside? The best was having a safe place to play and run as well as a small area where you could think that you were hiding.

If you have the outdoor space available, consider applying Feng Shui Creativity and Children ideas to provide a special place for the children in your life to explore, experiment, learn and be astonished by a whimsical garden and playground.

Consider features for your Child's Garden that stimulate the imagination:

  • Choose an area for the garden that can be easily seen by supervising, and emphasize safety without overly restricting the child's fun and natural curiosity
  • Combine an expansive area for running and game playing with smaller areas for specific activities, such as a sand box or swings
  • Imagine the delight of having a small playhouse, surrounded by a low picket fence with a spot inside for a patch to grow a few flowers and maybe even vegetables!
  • Create a whimsical Feng Shui entrance to your Child's Garden with flying banners or mobiles placed as Greeters on either side of a gate
  • Locate children's sturdy benches and chairs for seating
  • Place a very shallow, secured water feature (such as a tiny pond) in the play area, as reflections are loved by children
  • Bring in safe hiding and climbing pieces, such as a tree house or tepee
  • Know that to return to the innocence of childhood is a state of mind that represents possibilities that are boundless!

Special Feng Shui Gardens, including The Child's Garden, are found in Nancilee Wydra's Feng Shui in the Garden.

Nancilee Wydra details creative, delightful Feng Shui Garden designs for:

  • Meditation Garden, Healing Garden
  • Lover's Garden, Child's Garden, Fertility Garden
  • Success Garden, Power Garden

My Paradise Cottage
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Your Own Fairy House

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