Feng Shui Colors

When applying Feng Shui colors to a space, you are performing powerful Feng Shui Cures to change the feeling of your surroundings. I have heard prominent Feng Shui Consultants say that Color even trumps the energy of The Five Elements.

For example, a metal object, such as a bench or sculpture, that is painted Black – the color of The Water Element - is more representative of The Water Element than The Metal Element.

Colors affect our feelings, emotions, moods and – our personal Chi, the Life Force Energy. We use colors to describe various energies, such as, “She is feeling Blue today”, “He is Green with envy”, “I’m seeing Red over this incident!”, and “She was tickled Pink"

While the outside color of your home or business is important to attracting positive Chi, it is important to pay particular attention to the colors that surround you on the inside of the building. The colors that you see the most often will have the most impact on your energy.

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Applying The Bagua Map
as a Feng Shui Color Chart

Attributes of The Bagua Map by Gua

  • The Career Gua is represented by Black & Dark Blue Colors,
    The Water Element, North, Winter

  • The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua is enhanced by Black, Blue & Green Colors

  • The Family & Health Gua is related to Green & Blue Colors,
    The Wood Element, East, Spring

  • The Wealth & Prosperity Gua is activated with Purple, Red, Green & Blue Colors

  • The Fame & Reputation Gua is famous for Red Colors,
    The Fire Element, South, Summer

  • The Love & Marriage Gua is enlivened with Pink, Red & White Colors

  • The Children & Creativity is represented by Pastels & White,
    The Metal Element, West, Autumn

  • The Travel & Helpful People Gua is activated with Gray, Black & White Colors

  • The Center Gua is the focus of Yellow, Orange, Brown & Earth Tone Colors, The Earth Element, Mid-Autumn

Feng Shui Colors for uplifting your Chi can be applied by focusing on placement of The Bagua Map Colors throughout the overall structure or on a room-by-room basis.

  • Overall Structure: Place The Bagua Map over a sketch of your floor plan of the entire house or office. Then, if you are focused on increasing Wealth - located in the upper left-hand corner of The Bagua Map, consider placing Purple, Green or Red objects in that area of your home

    If appropriate, consider painting the entire room a shade of corresponding The Bagua Map color. We painted our home office a beautiful subdued shade of lavender, as it was located in The Wealth Area of our Florida condo’s Bagua Map. Prosperity flourished for us in that environment

  • Within a specific Room: Place The Bagua Map over the sketch of your room’s floorplan, and then match The Bagua Map color to the Life Area that you want to improve. Again, using The Wealth Gua to focus on creating Prosperity, by placing purple, green, red or even blue objects -such as a vase, painting, sculpture, drapes, lighting - In the corresponding upper left-hand area of your room

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Feng Shui Colors by Room

Another way to choose Feng Shui colors for your home or office is by looking at the functionality of specific rooms.

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Master Bedroom: As Pink is the Feng Shui color of Love, it is a great choice for sparking or keeping the Romantic fire glowing in your relationship. If the Master Bedroom happens to be in your home’s Marriage & Relationship Gua, you will have a double winner by painting the walls a Pink or Rose color - or if Pink walls are too much for you, place Pink objects around the room to stimulate your partnership.

I do not recommend blues or greens in the Master Bedroom, as they are “cool” colors that might dampen a relationship. Green is a good accent color, as it represents The Wood Element, and Wood feeds Fire (Pink with Red tones).

Peach is not recommended for for The Master Bedroom, as it can invite infidelity.

Children’s Rooms: Blues and Greens can be used to support children in their growth while light or pastel colors stimulate Creativity. If the child’s bedroom happens to be in The Children & Creativity Gua, then I would recommend using light pastels in either pink, blue, green or yellow.

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Living Areas – The Public Spaces

Living or Family Rooms: Shades of Yellows and Browns work well in these rooms.We were able to use two shades of yellow together successfully in our open living room/kitchen area – a light yellow and a corresponding shade of gold – to simulate a cheery, uplifting feeling in our daily living spaces. Many people might prefer tan, beige or earth tones to nuture the inhabitants.

The Dining Room: Reds (pinks, not bright reds) stimulate appetite in a dining area, while use of blues and greens stimulate conversation and bring life to the setting.

The Kitchen: While White is a recommended color for the Kitchen, as it represents cleanliness and a wholesome atmosphere, we like the use of cheerful colors, particularly the yellow shades.

It’s Your Choice

A True Story

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I am often asked to make color recommendations for a client’s home or office. While we can recommend Feng Shui colors as Cures for spaces, we feel that it’s more important to uplift, inspire and support the people who occupy the rooms. If a color “feels” right and appropriate to you, then by all means, create your personal Feng Shui color cures to match your intentions and vibrations!

The Point is.......

My mother-in-law’s kitchen is where she spends almost all of her time during the day. She selected Violet, as it is a shade of Purple - her all-time favorite color for the paint on all of her kitchen walls. She loves being surrounded by a color that is nurturing for her. Violet is not a Feng Shui Color recommended for the Kitchen, but my mother-in-law is very happy with her vibrant color selection!

Feng Shui Colors of The Five Elements

The Feng Shui Five Elements have associated colors:

  • The Fire Element is represented by the Red Colors
  • The Metal Element is associated with Gold, Silver, White & Pastels
  • The Water Element is shown as Black and Dark Colors
  • The Wood Element is represented by Greens and Blues
  • The Earth Element is shown in Yellows, Browns & Earth Tones

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    Another True Story

    We lived in a beautiful home in the Atlanta area that was surrounded by tall Green trees and Green plants that flourished in the summer so - we had an excess of The Wood Element on our property.

    A small subdivision lake located at the back of our property, representing The Water Element magnified the "woodiness" of the outside of the home, as in The Five Element Creative Cycle, "Water nourishes Wood".

    Before attending Feng Shui schools, we did not know about The Five Elements, and the importance of keeping them in Balance for a harmonious environment.

    So, we thought that it would be a good idea to paint our small Living Room a popular Dark Hunter Green to give room a tranquil feeling.

    The Living Room had big picture windows with views of the thick Green forest surrounding our house, and the wood dock on the Lake.

    By painting the inside with Dark Hunter Green, we didn't realize that we were very out-of-balance with too much of The Wood Element in our personal environment.

    The Point is.......

    Be aware of how the colors of The Five Elements represent The Fire, Metal, Water, Wood and Earth Elements and how they influence the Balance of an area.

    By having too much of The Wood Element in our home surroundings, we didn't realize that we were becoming complacent and having difficulty coming up with new ideas.

    After learning Feng Shui principles, we repainted The Living Room with White, representing The Metal Element to bring the setting back in to Balance.

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    Living Color

    Master Lin Yun's Guide to Feng Shui
    and the Art of Color

    We recommend this excellent book on Feng Shui Color
    written by Sarah Rossbach and Lin Yun

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