Feng Shui Ceilings Beams and Heaven Space

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Feng Shui Ceilings Beams and the area above your living or working area is thought to represent the "heaven" of an area. The extremes of very high ceilings, or low, oppressive beams have an impact on those who live below them.

In the photo on the right, a multiple-beam ceiling in the master bedroom can present a Feng Shui challenge. To formulate a cure, we suggest placing a set of six 40mm clear crystals above the bed and sitting area, where the occupants spend sleeping and leisure time.

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Feng Shui Ceilings and Beams Crystal Cures

Beams can be Oppressive
The Flute Cure

Photo courtesy of uniquefengshuishop.com

We may love overhead beams and yet they can be oppressive and separative when they function as a divider to define room boundaries. The Feng Shui Cure for beams is to paint them the same color as the ceiling/walls to make them blend not appear to extrude.

We had a beam across the living room in our home in Atlanta,and it was have, dark wood. The beam served as a room divider between the living and dining room. We painted it white to blend in with the ceiling paint which had the effect of lifting the dark energy in the room.

A good Feng Shui Cure is displayed in the photo on the left. Suspending a flute or flutes from a beam is a common Feng Shui Cure that can negate the oppressive effects of ceiling beams.

Flute Cure for Beams

Feng Shui Cures
for a Slanted Ceiling

Photo Courtesy of uniquefengshuishop.com

A slanted ceiling can pose a unique situation, and can be addressed with a simple Feng Shui Cure.

Place a 50 mm crystal or a small windchime from the ceiling. Particularly good for good rest for someone who sleeps underneath a slanted structure.

Slanted Ceiling Cure

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