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Feng Shui Bedroom

A Personal Sanctuary

A Feng Shui Bedroom is sanctuary and retreat from the cares of the day.

While many Feng Shui consultants contend that the Kitchen is the most important room in a home, we believe that your bedroom is your personal sacred space.
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Your bedroom is your personal cave of soft Yin energy, a place of safety and comfort from the influences of the outside world.

Your sacred space should be used exclusively for Serenity and Sleep. That means that your home office, television and personal exercise equipment, all representing strong masculine Yang energy, need to be relocated to other areas of your home.

Remember that everything in our environment talks to us so you don’t want reminders in your personal sanctuary that you need to finish overdue work or that you haven’t used that treadmill for over 2 years!

  • If you find you must keep your TV in your bedroom, cover it or hide it behind a screen when not in use
  • Mirrors reflect light and energetically work well in living rooms, dining rooms and home offices, but can interfere with sleep in a bedroom. Spotting your reflection in a mirror at night as you're searching for the bathroom while in a sleepy state, can give your nervous system a jolt
  • Remove mirrors or remember to cover them before retiring at night. Many Feng Shui advisors say, "No mirrors in the Master Bedroom"
  • For more on Feng Shui Mirror Placement.......

    Your bed should be placed in the Command Position of the room, facing the door but not directly across from it. Do not sleep with the foot of your bed facing the bedroom door.

    Your bed and sleep will be best supported when placed against a solid wall rather than underneath a window. Also, if possible, avoid placing the head of your bed on the same wall as the bedroom door entrance.

    Here are a few more good Feng Shui Bedroom Tips:

    • Remove Computers, Desks, Exercise Equipment
    • Enclose, Cover or Remove the Television
    • Close the Door to the Bathroom
    • Your view From the Bed is Powerful and Important; choose your wall hangings with Care and Intention so that you see appealing images when going to sleep and waking up
    • Your Bed Should Face the Door, but Not Directly
    • Be sure that your Bed has matching night tables and lamps on either side
    • Clean Closets and Remove All Clutter
    • Place 40mm crystals in dark closets to energize clothing
    • Make your personal bedroom a beautiful, comfortable oasis of support
    • Display photos of your spouse or lover (no family photos in your bedroom - move them to The Family & Health Gua of your home or office, as appropriate)

    For more on The Family & Health Gua.......

    • Use Mirrors sparingly and cover at night, if possible
    • Treat yourself to soft sheets with a high-thread count
    • To create good Feng Shui Bedroom colors for The Master Bedroom, surround yourself with comforting and luxurious items and paint the walls a warm color - but not peach which is said to invite infidelity. Pink is the feng shui color in The Marriage Gua, and is considered auspicious
    • Blue, green and pastels are good Feng Shui bedroom colors for a child's room- colors that are soothing, cool and yet invite creativity

    Please enjoy this short video about how to apply Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to your bedroom.......

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