Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirrors can be positive or negative attractors in a bedroom, depending on the position of the mirror in the room. Quiet, relaxation, good sleep, and fulfilling marital relationships in the Master Bedroom are affected by Chi Energy stimulated and circulated by mirrors.

Ideally, it is better to keep mirrors or water fountains out of the bedroom since both activate energy that might cause a disturbance is a restful area; however, many bedrooms have built-in mirrors that can be subdued with a good Feng Shui Cure.

Many bedrooms have built-in sliding glass doors that reflect light at night. Mirrors placed above dressers reflect light, and activate energy in the room as well.

A person sleeping in a bed next to a mirror can be startled upon waking and seeing lights or even their own reflection. When the nervous system takes a "hit", the sleeper becomes agitated and may have trouble getting good rest.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror Cures

The best Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror Cure is a simple solution. If the mirror can't be removed entirely, then covering it with a cloth or curtain at night eliminates the reflection and attenuates the activity in the room.

Feng Shui Cures ideas include:

  • The photo with the mirrored sliding door shows a clever solution - covering the mirror with contact paper
  • Placing a rod and curtain across the sliding doors works well
  • Covering a dresser mirror with a beautiful cloth of scarf at night is an inexpensive cure that will eliminate the activating reflections

Feng Shui Sleep Cures

A Bedroom Mirror Exception

David Daniel Kennedy, one of our favorite Feng Shui Masters, has written in Feng Shui for Dummies that it is very important for a sleeper to feel secure by being able to see the bedroom door from his sleeping position in the bed. If the bed can't be positioned to be able to see the door while the sleeper is on it, a mirror can be placed somewhere in the room so the entrance can be viewed from the bed.