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Feng Shui Bathrooms

Feng Shui Bathrooms and the Laundry Room apply Feng Shui Cures that keep Water from washing Wealth down drains.

Because plumbing, drains and water are the main features in bathrooms and the laundry room, both are ruled by The Water Element. In contrast, the Kitchen is ruled The Fire Element.

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Moving Water represents Wealth. The smooth flow of Water moves wealth steadily along in a circulating, nourishing motion. By their function, drains flush water away to the sewer.

Feng Shui Cures include the use of a drain plug to keep Wealth in your home, or mirror placement above a drain to reflect Wealth inward.

Affix a 3-inch round mirror on the ceiling above the toilet drain
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Evaluate the condition of your bathroom

  • Water is closely related to Wealth so repair all water leaks anywhere in your home or on your property

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  • The act of flushing water down drains can flush away wealth, and you can help by keeping drains closed when not in use: Toilet lids, bathtub drains and even the lid on your washing machine should be kept closed
  • Screen a direct view of the toilet from the door, if possible
  • Focus on adding touches of luxury to the room where you relax in private
  • Support yourself with plush towels, candles, crystals and pleasant scents
  • Consider balancing the predominance of The Water Element with objects made of The Earth Element, such as clay or adobe as well as brown or yellow colors
  • Clean fixtures, mirrors and the floor – and focus on keeping them clean
  • Keep bathroom doors closed

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Laundry room

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  • Close the washing machine lid
  • Check washing machine hoses to ensure good working order
  • Fix plumbing leaks as soon as possible
  • Close the laundry room door

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