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Feng Shui Bamboo Cures

Feng Shui Bamboo is recommended by Feng Shui Consultants to bring balance to an area that requires more of The Wood Element.

The Wood Element is one of The Five Elements that is taken into consideration when a home, garden or business is brought into Elemental Balance.

As the Bamboo Plant is vertically shaped, tall and thin, and green, it is a perfect symbol to place in almost any room of your home to bring The Wood Element into your setting.

The Wood Element brings life energy, vitality, growth and strength into an environment. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world.

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Bamboo in Chinese Gardens

Bamboo has always been included in traditional Chinese Gardens. It has been long considered in Asia as a plant of Good Fortune. Chinese Gardens provided a setting for man to communicate with nature and honor his spiritual essence.

The Chinese used plants as spiritual symbols, and the Bamboo Plant represents strength and flexibility. The bamboo plant can grow in poor conditions and limited light.

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is used in indoor settings, where it is able to thrive on an office desk, living areas, covered porches, and especially bathrooms. Because The Lucky Bamboo plant is hearty and versatile, it is considered to be the perfect symbol of The Wood Element.

A Lucky Bamboo arrangement can represent a powerful balance of The Five Elements, representing:

  • The Wood Element: Green, tall, vertical stalks
  • The Water Element: Blue or black container
  • The Earth Element: Soil or stones
  • The Metal Element: Metal coins symbolize money
  • The Fire Element: Red ribbon "ignites" positivity

A gift of a Feng Shui Bamboo in a beautiful Lucky Bamboo arrangement is the gesture of bringing Good Fortune to the recipient.

Chinese Bamboo Flutes

Chinese Bamboo Flutes are classic Feng Shui Cures for heavy overhead beams. Hang 2 Bamboo Flutes over a beam to uplift the energy of oppressive, confining beams, particulary if the beam is dark.

We had a large dark wood beam that divided our dining room from our living room. We painted the heavy beam white, and completely changed the energy in our living area to lighter and brighter!

Bamboo is Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo Inspiration is an excellent web site that promotes the versatility of bamboo, and its uses around the world as an increasingly popular environmentally friendly renewable resource.

This site was developed and is operated by a friend who has brought information on Bamboo together for your education and enjoyment.

Bamboo Inspiration

Beautiful Red Bamboo Rug

Feng Shui Bamboo Cures

Made of the finest quality Bamboo in the world, manufactured in the remote Anji mountains of China, this durable Red Bamboo Carpet is a practical, beautiful addition to any room or outdoor space.

The future of Bamboo production is open to amazing growth, as Bamboo is easy to cultivate and manufacture into products.

More Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plants
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