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Feng Shui Bagua Map

Feng Shui Bagua Map

The Feng Shui Bagua Map is a Tool for Identifying and Uplifting Specific Areas in Your Home, Office, Rooms and Garden

The Feng Shui Map displayed here represents 9 areas of focus, or Life Areas, in your home, office, room or outdoor garden. Each of the 9 squares is called a "Gua".

You will find that The Feng Shui Bagua comes in square or octagonal shapes. For our purpose here, we will use the 9-Gua square Map that looks like a tick-tack-toe board game.

Place the Map over the structure where you are going to determine the areas for analysis and application - that is, The Property, A Floor, and A Room.

The Front Door (main entrance) of the home, office, room, outside area (yard, garden) or entire property will be aligned on the "bottom" line of the Map.


Notice that the front door or main entrance, will be positioned along one of the three Bottom (or Front) Guas: The Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Gua, Career Gua or Helpful People and Travel Gua.

Feng-Shui-Vibes Visitor Question on Bagua Application & Colors

Is it advisable to paint each part of the house accordingly to the bagua colors as a way to just get started to help align the the energies? W.H.


No, you don't need to paint each part of the house according to the colorsrepresented on the Bagua map. In fact, you might end up with too many colors breaking up the chi flow throughout the house.

Choose a neutral color, or any color that you like, to paint throughout most of the house - unless you have a room that you want to highlight with a specific color. The neutral color should be soothing to you and provide a back drop for your Feng Shui decor.

The colors in the guas of the Bagua can be added through the placement of items that are in each room or area. For example, the dominant color for wealth is purple so youmight want to put something in that color in the far left room or corner of your home.

Use the front door as your starting point when positioning the Bagua over afloor plan of your entire home. Your front door may be in one of 3 guas - that is,the Knowledge/Self-cultivation gua, Career gua or Travel/Helpful People gua.

No matter which gua your front door belongs to, all guas in the Bagua stay inthe same place. It's just that the front door as the starting point may be in anyof the 3 guas that I've mentioned above.

James Allen

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The History of the Bagua Map

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