The Feng Shui Bagua Wealth
& Prosperity Gua

The upper left-hand square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the location of The Feng Shui Bagua Wealth & Prosperity Gua.

Feng Shui Wealth Gua

The Wealth and Prosperity Gua represents prosperity in all aspects of your life - money, relationships, health, personal growth and joyful experiences. This Gua reminds you that Wealth and Prosperity come in many forms, including but not limited to monetary gain.

Activate this Feng Shui Map Gua with flowing fountains, crystals, coins, round-leaf plants and items that remind you of your definition of prosperity. Include objects or affirmations that support your desires for achieving your personal wealth.

Be certain that money and wealth are cultivated in a healthy way by setting your intention to enjoy the abundance that is your birthright. Gained without greed, money is a wonderful energy that can support your desires for a positive lifestyle.

Example: If you would like to improve your wealth and prosperity, create an area in this Gua of The Feng Shui Bagua Map where you place reminders of your abundance.

Feng Shui for Abundance The Feng Shui Bagua Wealth & Prosperity Gua is an excellent place for items such as dollar bills, family gems, coins displayed in a beautiful bowl or anything that represents your idea of personal prosperity.

Enhancing colors are purples, blues and reds.

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Feng Shui Wealth & Prosperity Tips

  • Place personal reminders of prosperity throughout your home: what represents wealth to you?
  • Locate the Wealth & Prosperity Area of your home on the Bagua and add prosperity items
  • Make out a check to yourself in the amount of money you want; display it where you see it daily
  • Frame and hang affirmations or pictures of your goals and dream requests
  • Decorate with purples, reds and blues
  • Hang a mobile or wind chime to stimulate the Chi in this Area
  • Add coins, a fountain, gold and silver objects
  • Update your front entrance - remove clutter and add "greeters" on either side of the front door
  • In the kitchen, place a mirror on the wall behind your cook top for magnifying Wealth

For the Feng Shui Office

The Feng Shui Bagua Wealth & Prosperity Gua can be enhanced by displaying award plaques or certificates of achievement that have assisted you in increasing your financial abundance.

If possible, a small flowing table fountain, round-leaf plants or a shiny gold object works well in this area.

True Story

We had a home that was on a very steep lot that had a tendency to have its wash soil away whenever rain water rushed down through the front and back yards from the street level.

There were stilts (poles) that supported the porch along the back side of our home. When they were installed, the poles were buried in the ground in concrete forms. As time went by, the erosion had exposed the concrete, and we knew that we would have do something to stop the washing away of the supportive soil.

I spoke with a contractor about building a retaining wall behind the metals poles to contain the dirt and keep it from moving during a rain storm. At first, Candace did not want to spend the money to add the retaining wall. It was an expensive repair, but added stability to our home, and placed as a Feng Shui cure, we intended that our wealth would no longer drain away down our back yard into the lake below.

In addition, the new retaining wall was painted with a deep redwood stain, and added a rich, prosperous look to our property.

The point is

Two weeks after adding the beautiful new retaining wall,Candace received the largest bonus check at work that she had ever received in her career!

By stopping the erosion taking placed on our property - through containing the washing away of the ground that supported the deck in the Wealth Gua on our home, we received a gift of both immediate and ongoing abundance.

The monetary reward was wonderful, and the lasting beauty of the retaining wall added to our continual enjoyment of our property.

Prosperity comes in many forms.

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