Feng Shui Bagua Love & Marriage Gua

Feng Shui Love

upper right square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, location of
The Feng Shui Bagua Love & Marriage Gua

Hang 2 Hearts together in the Relationship Corner of your bedroom, the window or from the ceiling, to protect and add romance, or to attract a mate.

The Feng Shui Bagua Love & Marriage Gua represents your romantic relationships as well as your relationships with people in all aspects of your life. This Gua reminds you to be aware of how love supports your happiness and well-being.

Love for others begins within ourselves. Focus on your expression of love for yourself, your mate, your family and friends and all others with whom you have a relationship.

Activate this Feng Shui Bagua Love Gua with items that will make you aware of love. Include objects or affirmations that support your desires for romance and wonderful relationships.

Feng Shui Love Gua

If you would like to improve your love life, create an area in this Gua where you display:

  • Items in pairs of two, such as candles, lamps, statues of lovers, or paintings of lovers embracing
  • Emphasize reds, pinks and whites
  • First, be aware that the most important relationship is with yourself - check Self-Knowledge Area
  • Remove objects related to past relationships (release the old to bring in the new)
  • Focus on updating your Bedroom (your most personal space) as well as the Relationship Area
  • Include "pairs" of what you like: sculptures, paintings, matching nightstands, candlesticks
  • Remove family photos from the bedroom; keep photos of your spouse/friend and you together
  • If single, consider clearing a drawer for your ideal mate's personal items and add their size clothing
  • Paint the walls a warm color but not peach, blue or green
  • Keep serenity in mind: soft music, incense, aromatherapy

Feng Shui Love Gua

For the Feng Shui Office

In the business world, The Love & Marriage Gua focuses on your relationships with your manager, peers, clients and partners.

Put pairs of items that remind you of business partnerships or mutual agreements.

Example: This area can be a great place to display a "Success" poster, showing two people shaking hands or working together towards a common goal.

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