The Feng Shui Bagua Knowledge
& Self- Cultivation

The lower left-hand square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the location of The Feng Shui Bagua Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua.

The Self-Cultivation and Knowledge Gua represents your personal growth and development. This Gua reminds you to explore who you are authentically .

Examine your thoughts and feelings about what you really want that brings you long-lasting joy.
Feng Shui Knowledge Gua

You can use this area of your home or room as a place to expand your spiritual nature. Enjoy the special energy of the space by practicing yoga, prayer and meditation here.

Also, The Feng Shui Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua supports all types of educational pursuits that can improve your life, add to your intuitive abilities and support your understanding of your real or "core" desires.

Activate this Gua with.......

  • books, reference materials, reminders of self-improvement goals
  • the colors black, blue or green
  • objects or affirmations that support your interest in achieving your happiness
  • items that support your quiet time for self- reflection, meditation or prayer

If you would like to improve your knowledge of a new hobby or aspiration, create a study or work area in this Gua where you can concentrate on learning about your topic of interest.

If you would like to expand your spiritual nature, place items here that can help you focus on true nature.

Make this Gua an area that provides a safe space for quiet self-reflection with soft music, comfortable seating and any objects that are personally uplifting to you .

True Story

We live in a home that does not have an appropriate or practical place to place reminders of the importance of our personal Self-Knowledge and development. As a cure for this lack of ability to honor our Self-Cultivation and Knowledge Gua,we leave a low-voltage tall uplight lamp on in the corner of the Gua when we are at home.

The point is

If it is not appropriate to display items that support the focus of a particular Feng Shui Bagua area, then illuminate the space with special lighting or lamps. Bringing light or lighting into any area where we would like to place reminders of the importance of personal growth is an excellent way to place a cure in a dark Self-Cultivation and Knowledge Gua.

Feng Shui Bagua

For the Feng Shui Office

The Feng Shui Bagua Knowledge & Self-Cultivation Gua is a great place for your work station or desk.

You are growing every day in learning about your business or personal goals so this is the place for reminders of anything that improves your productivity.

Display personal recognition items that remind you of your achievements. Awards, certificates and trophies are appropriate here.

Self-Knowledge Practice

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