The Feng Shui Bagua
Health & Family Gua

The middle left-hand square is the location of The Feng Shui Bagua Health & Family Gua.

The Feng Shui Bagua Health and Family Gua represents the importance of focusing on your physical health and your support from family and circle of friends who are very close to you.

This Gua reminds you to value both your health and your family relationships. Honoring your family ties builds a solid framework on which to establish good health on many levels, especially when your relationships with family and friends are set with your boundaries and love.

Grateful for Family and Friends

Feng Shui Gratitude Red Envelopes for Appreciation Notes

Write notes for Family and Friends expressing your love and appreciation for them. Make each note personal with kind thoughts of their importance and contributions to your happiness and well being.

Place the notes in Chinese red envelopes, and write the name of each person on the outside. Then put the red envelopes in a beautiful bowl or basket where they can be found by each friend.

Feng Shui Health Gua

As this is The Wood Element Gua, activate your space with.......,

  • Lush, green plants representing good health
  • Reminders of any type of positive association with family and friends
  • Objects or affirmations that support your desires for excellent health and wonderful family community
  • Wood furniture and floral prints on cushions and rugs
  • Photos of family and friends in this Gua

For the Feng Shui Office

The Feng Shui Bagua Health & Family Gua, located on The Feng Shui Map is a great space to place reminders of family and friends. Just be careful to keep the photos to a minimum in the work place, as displaying too many may be perceived as unprofessional by your employer.

Green plants work well in an office setting so keep them healthy by watering them and providing sunlight.

Make this space as supportive as possible for yourself to help reduce workplace stress.

True Story

When we moved into our home in Roswell, Georgia, in 1999, there were rotten railroad ties along the Health Gua side of the house. The railroad ties were serving as treacherous steps along side the outside wall that went from the front of the home to the back.

A year later, when I attended Feng Shui classes, I learned that anything rotten represents possible health problems - either physical, financial, spiritual or with relationships.

We remembered that when we bought our home, the sellers were moving due to the poor health of the husband.

After learning of the correlation between something decaying in the Health Gua of our home, we decided to replace the railroad ties with a beautiful, functional stairway on the outside of house.

The point is

During the 5 years that we were in that house, we enjoyed excellent health in all areas of our lives. While it was a combination of attention to applying Feng Shui principles to all Life Areas of the Bagua, we know that removing rotten, decaying materials contributed to our happiness there.

Take the time to look objectively at your home for clogged drains and gutters, rotten wood or anything that might be decaying. Make repairs as soon as you can. Here's to your Good Feng Shui Health!

Feng Shui Good Health Books & Cures

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