The Feng Shui Bagua Fame Gua

The Feng Shui Bagua Fame Gua is located in the upper middle square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the location of the Fame & Reputation Gua.

Feng Shui Fame Gua

The Fame & Reputation Gua located on The Feng Shui Map represents what you are known for, or your way of being in the outside world. This Gua reminds you to be aware of how you appear to others in your neighborhood, your community, your business and with your sphere of influence.

Carefully examine your thoughts and feelings about how you want to show up in your dealings with others.

Activate The Feng Shui Bagua Fame Gua with items that will keep you focused on your reputation inside and outside of your home. Include objects or affirmations that support your desires for positive perception.

Example: If you would like to improve personal fame and reputation, create a area in this Gua where you display awards or certifications of achievement. Bringing light into this Gua with lamps, open windows allowing in more sunlight and anything bright such as candles will serve as prompts for your illumination.

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Feng Shui Fame & Reputation Gua

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Of The Feng Shui 5 Elements, The Fire Element is dominant in the Fame & Reputation Gua, so look for items in shades of red or hot pink to include here.

Feng Shui Fame Gua

Fire energy is activated with red furniture, sunlight, and The Wood Element represented by the green plants

Here are some ideas for activating your Fame & Reputation Gua:

  • Photos of famous people you want to be like

  • Letters, awards, certificates, newspaper articles that remind you of your aspirations

  • Electric lights, such as small white Christmas tree strings or lamps that can be safely left on all the time

  • Photos of people who can help you with your goals

  • Red or hot pink rugs, furniture, flowers, cushions, curtains

Feng Shui Fame Gua For the Feng Shui Office

The Fame & Reputation Gua is a great place activate the Fire Element. Bring in light and fire energy through the use of desk or floor lamps, sunlight and objects that are red.

Remember that this Gua is the place for surrounding yourself with reminders of what you want to be known or recognized for.

How do you want your manager, co-workers or customers to regard you?

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