Feng Shui Bagua Center Gua

The middle square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the location of The Feng Shui Bagua Center Gua.

Feng Shui Center Gua

The Feng Shui Center Gua of The Bagua Map represents and supports the grounding that can bring peace into your life. This Gua reminds you to set up an area of stability with solid support for your happiness.

Highlight specific items and colors that make your life feel safe, secure and joyous. Activate this Gua with reminders of what brings you peace.

Place quieting, meditative objects in The Feng Shui Center Gua. Place soothing music. Emphasize furnishings and accessories that are in earthtone colors - browns and yellows are good here.

Example: If you would like to surround yourself with items, colors and shapes that are reminders of stability, security, peace and happiness, this Gua is where you can display:

  • beautiful, comtemplative artwork
  • personal objects that make you feel nurtured and safe in protection of your private home
  • posters and paintings of peaceful scenes or admired mentors
  • affirmations about your personal desires for peace, love and joy
  • items in earthtones, such as browns and yellows

Feng Shui Center Gua

Note that some Bagua Maps include Health in the Center Gua, rather than the Family Gua, as your health affects all aspects of the Life Areas represented by the other 8 guas.

For the Feng Shui Office

The Center Gua can be decorated items that help you relieve work place stress. Reflect on what you can place in your office that reminds you for slowing down just enough to ensure clear, calm thoughts and emotions.

If possible, hang a multi-faceted crystal in the center of the office to regulate a steady stream of Chi energy flow. Many work areas are busy and noisy, so if you can find an area to relax for even a few minutes during the day, you may be much more effective in your business life.

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