The Feng Shui Bagua Career Gua

The lower middle square of The Feng Shui Bagua Map, is the location of The Feng Shui Bagua Career Gua.

Feng Shui Career Gua

Located on the lower middle square of The Bagua Map, The Feng Shui Career Gua represents your how you earn your living either through a job, your own business or investments. To activate The Feng Shui Bagua Career Gua for business expansion, improvements or a career change, place tangible items in the area, such as affirmations or award plaques that remind you of your desired success.

Besides your career or business, this Bagua Career Gua applies to your hobbies and skills as well - it's all about what you do or want to do , whereas The Fame & Reputation Gua represents what you want to be recognized or known for.

The Water Element is dominant so enhance this Gua with:

Feng Shui Water Element

  • mirrors, crystals, wind chimes

  • aquariums, fountains, and fish bowls

  • posters or paintings of water scenes

  • Items in black, navy blue, gray

  • Here is a list of some Career Gua activation ideas:

    • Locate and update The Career Gua of The Bagua Map with items that support your ideal career
    • Place objects here that represent accomplishments and recognition of your work contributions
    • Decorate with blacks, grays and dark blues
    • Hang pictures, posters and paintings that mean a better job or ideal business opportunity
    • Be sure to include a fountain, as it adds The Water Element to The Feng Shui Bagua Career Area and stimulates Chi Flow in this Gua

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    For the Feng Shui Office

    The Feng Shui Career Gua is a great place to display items that welcome people who support you in your business goals. Since the area is representative of the Water Element, add a mirror, photo/picture of a water scene, or small desk-top water fountain to The Career Gua corner of your office or desk.

    Place momentos or reminders of how your would like for your career to expand through a promotion or job change here as well.

    Remember that the more you serve others in a positive way, the brighter you chances for career advancement become.

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    Feng Shui Career Gua

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