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Creating Feng Shui Love

Feng Shui and Romance are a natural fit! Since Life is about relationships, setting the stage to attract or enhance a fulfilling romance can help you realize your heart's desire to connect with a loving, supportive mate.

Preparing your love nest for a Feng Shui and Romance relationship begins by first giving your home an overall check-up for Yin and Yang harmony and balance. An overly feminine, frilly house might make some males uncomfortable - and not many women are attracted to hunting trophies in the living room.

A pair of these mandarin ducks symbolizes romance, fidelity and love. If you want to keep your love marriage alive, arrange one male and one female duck in your relationship area.

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Clear Clutter for a New Romance

Yes, every room including the garage. Include your car, too!

True Story

I had a client who cleared her clutter, including all reminders of a past relationship. She dropped off the discarded items at Good Will, went to a meeting that she attended weekly, met the eyes of an acquaintance in an exciting, new way that evening, and began an unexpected romance.

The point is

Clutter is the glue that binds us to the past and keeps us stuck in old energy. Releasing old energy frees us for new adventures, including Feng Shui and Romance!



Peach Blossom Luck
The Secret Feng Shui way to find a Lover

Feng Shui Love Tips

Discover this surprisingly easy -- and highly effective! -- secret method for attracting new romantic possibilities. Just place a specific feng shui cure in the "Peach Blossom" sector of your home and you'll start to attract new admirers - as if by magic! The Peach Blossom method is a great way to activate your social life - especially if you've been finding it a challenge to meet anyone you'd like to date.

With the special feng shui method called "Peach Blossom Luck," new love could be blooming in your life soon. All you have to do is place a vase of fresh flowers (symbolizing peach blossoms) in the Peach Blossom sector of your home. In this ebook I'll teach you exactly how to do that, and I'll share some additional variations of the practice that you may wish to use as well.

Peach Blossom Luck can be astonishingly successful at bringing new romantic possibilities into your life. The potential drawback is that these romances often turn out to be fragile and short-lived, just like the delicate peach blossom itself. Not all Peach Blossom relationships are destined for a speedy end, however. There's always the chance that one will bear fruit. And, since Peach Blossom Luck often brings multiple new admirers, you'll have lots of chances to decide if someone truly special is among them.

Use this method well, with a clear awareness of what kind of partner you wish to attract, and it could be just the catalyst you need to bring a beautiful and lasting love relationship into
your life!

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Feng Shui Love Tips

The bed should be in the Command Position of the room, facing the door but not directly across from it. Red sheets spark energy, but be careful not to over do. Soft colors of beige, pink and lavender are both restful and romantic. An old Chinese tradition says to stay away from peach in a bedroom as it might lead to a lover's unfaithfulness.

Placing your Feng Shui focus intentionally on creating Romance through The Power of Two is really important here. Be sure that your bed has matching night tables and lamps on either side. Light two red or pink candles. Hang artwork that displays two of anything that's appealing to you. A pair of carved mandarin ducks symbolizes the happiness of lovers. Remove family photos, but keep pictures of the happy couple visible.

Creating your Love Nest with Feng Shui Bedroom Tips might just be your key to the love life of your dreams.

True Story

As a Feng Shui consultant, I have met with many clients who are single women who desire a romantic relationship.

Many times, I have noticed that these women display posters, paintings or photos of "single women" around their homes, and particularly in their personal bedrooms. Most of these images are of a lonely woman, looking very forlorn.

I was asked to help a client who really wanted to find a mate. During our Feng Shui consultation, I counted no less than 7 posters that depicted beautiful, sad, lonely ladies hanging on the walls in her home. The energy just didn't feel good.

Of particular importance, is anything hanging on your bedroom walls, as these items are the last things that you see before going to sleep at night - and, the first that you see when you wake up in the morning.

The point is

Check all of the artwork, including knick-knacks that you have placed in your surroundings - particularly in your personal bedroom. Consider removing any items that are not uplifting or that keep you "stuck in the past".

Keep your personal spaces updated with positive images of what you desire and what brings you happiness.

Great Feng Shui and Romance begin with You!

A Few More Feng Shui Bedroom Tips
for Creating Your Love Nest

  • Focus on Feng Shui and Romance by creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Bedroom
  • Light two pink or red candles
  • Hang artwork that displays two of anything that’s appealing to you
  • A pair of carved mandarin ducks symbolizes the happiness of lovers
  • Remove Family Photos from your bedroom- Couples Photos Stay
  • Choose Cozy but Not Frilly Decorations
  • Best Bedroom Colors: Beiges and tans, creamy cocoas, blushing pinks, subtle yellows, pale violets and earthy reds
  • Sleep on Pink Sheets
  • Red sheets spark energy, but be careful not to over do it. Soft colors of beige, pink and lavender are both restful and romantic
  • An old Chinese tradition says to stay away from peach in a bedroom as it might lead to a lover’s unfaithfulness. We know a realtor who says that she had a peach-colored bedroom, and that sure enough, her husband left her for another woman!
  • Create Love Altar with items that remind you of your lover in the Love & Marriage Gua
  • If single, use art displaying pairs of anything - wooden mandarin ducks
  • If in a relationship, display pairs and personal momentos such as pictures of the two of you together, two red candles. Hang a beautiful mobile or wind chime

Decorating a bedroom creates intimacy in the home and should be a comfortable and restful, private retreat of your most personal expression.  To learn more go to

Feng Shui Love & Marriage Tips

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