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Specializing in Feng Shui advice and consultations, James Allen is a Feng Shui practitioner who supports his clients through guidance from his heart and higher power. His passion for helping others led him to study at the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego and The Academy of Power Feng Shui in Santa Fe. Believing strongly in the importance of being surrounded by a supportive environment, James has helped his clients change their lives through making adjustments in their homes and offices.

When you understand that your home is your sanctuary, you open up to a new support system that balances personal passions with stability and serenity"

While James engagingly harmonizes Feng Shui advice and principles with practical application, his clients enjoy a new, uplifted environment that supports their creativity, good health and an abundant lifestyle.

James has lectured extensively and given workshops on Feng Shui. His clients include chiropractors, doctors, therapists, retail and business professionals and homeowners. He has provided Feng Shui consultations for private business and homes for the past 8 years. He is available to support others who realize the value of the life-changing effects of Feng Shui.

James has a natural talent for working with many types of people, and his life experiences assist him in relating to many backgrounds. While he spends his time now working with Feng Shui, in the past, he has enjoyed motorcycles, cooking and bull riding. James has been a Truth Seeker for over 20 years and enjoys helping others change their lives through creating supportive environments.

Feng Shui Study and Certifications:

  • Essential Feng Shui(R); , The Western School of Feng Shui, Terah Kathryn Collins, San Diego, California
  • Power Feng Shui, The Academy of Power Feng Shui, Valmai Howe Elkins, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Essential Feng Shui(R) is a registered trademark of the Western School of Feng Shui™

We live in beautiful Florida, where the pristine white sand beaches of Northwest Florida, are among the finest in the world.

The Emerald Coast is known for beautiful clear emerald green water and miles of white sugar colored beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Florida Emerald Coast

Destin, Florida

Client Testimonials


Thank you so much for the Feng Shui experience. It was awesome! Through your thoughtful insight, we will be raising the energy in our home.

Love and God Bless, Julie



WhiteHawk was in today at The Center and just sort of sat in the reception area and nodded her head and said how much she like the whole feed of the place...So, having someone who is "tuned in" with energy say that sure gave some validation. Can't thank you enough (for the Feng Shui advice and consultation). NW


Dear James,

Whoever said, "Change is the only thing that offers new opportunity", must have been thinking of you. And so am I.

Immediately after your recent visit to our home, we began implementing the changes you suggested. Since then, many positive changes have occurred in our lives. During the next few months, we will implement the remaining suggested changes, and I can't wait to share the results with you.

Sincerely, LC


Our Feng Shui experience was very helpful, and we feel that the suggestions you made will enhance the energy of our apartment. James is a Feng Shui Wizard. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. We were honored to have you work with us. JS and WH



Thank you so much for the Feng Shui consultation. We have started to make the changes and enhancements that you suggested. My son removed the "scary guy" poster that was looking down at his bed, and he placed two statues in the romance corner of his bedroom. It's pretty incredible that an 18 year old would voluntarily take another person's suggestions!

We planted our pansies along the walkway to our front door. They look so nice. I have hung the crystal in my bedroom and painted a big dollar sign for my financial prosperity to place in the laundry room. I moved the single chair in the dining room to complete the family. I now have a lovely palm in the corner. Can't wait to tell you who shows up for dinner!

It was such a good experience to have the consultation. I will continue making the changes as you suggested, and I am sending you the names and phone numbers of my friends who would like to have a consultation. JS


James and Candace,

Thank you for so generously sharing your talents at the retreat. I overheard a workshop participant agree to share her materials with someone who didn't get to attend - so there was definitely some buzz going on about what your shared with us. Love & many blessings, SZ



Just a note to say thank you for your guidance with my home this week. I have spent two days weeding and trimming, and really enjoyed my progress, knowing it's relevant to my well-being. Thank you for motivating me and helping me to feel as thoug the changes are within my grasp! Best wishes, HG



I thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui workshop that you presented and learned so much! In fact, I went right out and bought the book you recommended by Terah Kathryn Collins--it is really good and, as you said, easier to read than some other books. I have completed a Bagua map of our house, and I think it's pretty accurate. KR

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