Chinese Garden Design

Chinese Garden Design, expressing the Chinese art of landscape design, focuses on the careful blending of nature with man-made structures.

The delicate balancing of Four main Elements to create a harmonious environment where yin and yang energies compliment and contrast in stunning beauty results in a sensual and spiritual experience for the fortunate human visitor.

The Four Elements incorporated in Chinese garden design are:

  • Water - Represents the Yin energy that is the living pulse of the Garden
  • Stone - Balancing the Yin Energy of the water, rock formations represent mountains and Yang Energy
  • Plants - Symbols of human qualities such as endurance (pines), flexibility (bamboo) and purity (lotus) are incorporated into Chinese Garden Design through careful plant selections
  • Architecture - Arrangement of the buildings within the Chinese Garden is focused on creating spaces that enhance the garden design, plants and beautiful views

Chinese Garden

If you are planning to travel this year and would like to experience the beauty and serenity of a Chinese Garden, consider visiting one of the delightful venues located in Canada or the United States.

We will be adding more gardens to the list and would appreciate information from any of our site visitors on locations to include.

A Classical Chinese Garden

The United States National Arboretum
Washington, DC

A joint project between the governments of the U.S. and China, an 8-acre site within the 446-acre U.S. National Arboretum has been selected as a dedicated site for a Classical Chinese Garden. Open during all seasons, the area will provide a venue for visitors to learn about Chinese culture and the development of new ornamental and floral plants.

The Classical Chinese Garden at the U.S.National Arboretum

Dream Lake Garden

The Chinese Garden of the
Montreal Botanical Garden
Montreal, Quebec

The Dream Lake Garden is of authentic Chinese garden design inspired by the private gardens of the Ming Dynasty located on the southern Yantzi River region of China.

Assembled in 1990 by Chinese craftsman, thousands of pieces of material for the garden were shipped from the City of Shanghai to create this unique, rustic space of "harmony and contrast".

The Chinese Garden of the Montreal Botanical Garden

The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden

Staten Island Botanical Garden
Staten Island, New York

The Staten Island Botanical Garden is collection of gardens situated within the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, a short ferry ride from Manhattan. Described as "one of New York City's best-kept secrets, this beautiful attraction is a must-see for visitors.

The Margaret Grigg Nanjing
Friendship Chinese Garden

Missouri Botanical Garden
St. Louis, Missouri

Chinese Gardens

Photograph is provided courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden

The Grigg garden is built in the style of the southern China provinces where Nanjing, China is located - a sister city to St. Louis. Many of the site's features were gift from the city of Najing.

Chinese Garden at The Missouri Botanical Garden

Kansas City Chinese Garden

Kansas City, Missouri

Joining a dozen cultural Chinese Garden centers in either the planning, development or completed stages, The Kansas City Chinese Garden will focus on balanced harmony of heaven and earth to provide a quiet setting for locals and visitors to find peace and tranquillity. People of all ethnic backgrounds will be able to relax, enjoy and learn from each other in the mix of natural objects and man-made structures to be installed.

A goal of The Society for Friendship with China is to work with Kansas City Parks and Recreation to establish a Chinese Garden in Swope Park. It will have a house and pavilions with typical plantings and art in the gardens.

At this time, The Kansas City Chinese Garden is in the planning stage.

Kansas City Chinese Garden

Portland Classical Chinese Garden
Never Twice the Same

A walled Garden enclosed within a full city block, the design has created an Ming dynasty, Suzhou-style garden. Suzhou is a city in China known for its beautiful gardens, and the Portland Classical Chinese Garden is an authentic reproduction.

Portland Classical Chinese Garden

Dr. Sun-Yatzen
Chinese Garden

Vancouver, BC

A classical Chinese garden design based on balancing yin and yang through harmoniously blending the four elements - water, rock, plants and architecture.

Water-worn limestone rocks were imported from Lake Tai, near Suzhou, China. The Tai Hu rocks are known for evoking supernatural powers and lucky spirits into a Scholar's Garden.

Dr. Sun-Yatzen Chinese Garden

Seattle Chinese Garden

Seattle, Washington

The first Sichuan-style garden to be created in the United States, The Seattle Chinese Garden will be designed and built by architects from Seattle's sister city, Chongqing, China.

Still under construction - see the website link below.

Seattle Chinese Garden

Chinese Cultural Gardens

Overfelt Gardens Park
San Jose, California

The Chinese Cultural Garden provides a peaceful respite from the busy city of San Jose, and is located within the beautiful 33-acre Overfelt Gardens Park.

Chinese Cultural Garden, Overfelt Gardens Park

Chinese Windsocks are Garden Ornaments

Windsocks promote good energy which moves fast and generate better chi. Chinese carp activates wealth. In Asia fying carps are hoisted onto poles and let to flutter in the air for many days.

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