Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2010!

by Carole Provenzale
(New York, NY)

Fresh Flowers for the Chinese New Year

Fresh Flowers for the Chinese New Year

As a New York Feng Shui Consultant I always want to ensure and attract the BEST possible year into my life. There is so much Energy surrounding The Chinese New Year I have put together some tips and advice to help you celebrate the New Year and help to ring in a peaceful, prosperous New Year as well!

The Chinese New Year this year falls on Valentine's Day, Februrary 14th. For your best year EVER, try these simple and inexpensive Feng Shui Tips:

Lighten up. Feng Shui Consultants are always speaking about Clutter because it relates so much not only to our surroundings but our Energy as well. It also relates to your mind.

Releasing some things you no longer need, use or love will help you in the process of what you can eliminate. Such wonderful organizations desperately need donations or you can sell your items online. Whatever methods you choose, please remember that as you "let go" of unnecessary items, you are creating more room for fresh new Energy to enter your space.

Clean up! If it were up to me, I'd officially make this Spring Cleaning time : ) Dust the cobwebs away and think about doing your own Space Clearing. Using Sage to "smudge" a space or ringing a bell for sound can make an impact on your surroundings by your Intention to 'clear out' the space of any negative or "stuck" Energy that may have accumulated through the year.

If at all possible, pay down some bills. Your Intention by sending in an extra payment is key here. Start the New Year with as little debt as possible.

There isn't a better time to treat yourself to something special. You want a YEAR of special things coming your way and this is one way to create it! Whether it's just a manicure or something special you've been admiring, it's a good time to treat yourself well.

Make some changes in your everyday routines. This can be as simple as shopping at different stores or taking a different route to work. Often when we try new things, new people come into our lives. Try to step out of "normal" routines to see if the old methods may not be working well for us anymore.

Sweep the Kitchen floor prior to midnight on the Eve of The Chinese New Year for 2010. Our Intention is to sweep out the old to bring in the new. It symbolizes letting go of what no longer works for us and putting it right outside!

For Abundance in ALL Areas: Put out a large bowl of Fresh Fruit on your kitchen or Dining room table. You want to attract Abundance in all the areas of your life and this simple tip is a wonderful way to do just that.

Clean cupboards and your refridgerator of old food. Stock up so you start your new year with good food and good health in mind.

I always get some Fresh Flowers. Cut flowers add good "Chi" into our spaces and the colors and scents are lovely. They will make your environment FEEL good.

Clean your Mirrors. Remember, your mirrors are a reflection of you and you need to see yourself clearly. It will help you remember when you've been and remember where you want to go this year.

Burn a candle if you're home just before Midnight on the Eve of the Chinese New Year. Infuse all your Energy and Intentions of what you would like to come into your life this year before you blow it out. Remember to reach for the Stars...nothing is just a dream in Feng Shui!

Finally, open your Front Door (also known as "The Mouth of Chi" and some windows to allow the stagnant Energy from the former year OUT and to allow all the new, Fresh Energy IN. The air sweeps through the house and intensifies everything else that you've done.

You may have your own traditions you'd like to incorporate; just remember to enfuse your actions with Intentions. Now that you've cleared out your home for the New Year, take a few minutes to clear out your Thoughts. Allow the positive to flow in and you can be sure you will attract some wonderful things in this New Year of adventures you are about to embark on!

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