Bette Steflik, Shen Men Feng Shui, How Two Women Got It 'Right On The Money'!

Albert Einstein.
"We cannot solve today's problems using the mindset that created them."

Jenny was unhappy with her job as a personal trainer. She felt overworked, unappreciated and underpaid. Her husband was supportive of her but skeptical about feng shui. He knew she was unhappy so he agreed to her inviting me into their home to consult. I noted many things around the house but when I walked into her home office, my instincts told me here was a major contributing factor to her stress. Her desk was small, piled with papers and facing the wall in a corner. The desk is the seat of your power and one of the three pillars of your home. I recommended she buy a new desk and turn it around. She was motivated. She did "an about face", took command of her space and her life stepped up a notch. Here's what she reported. "My husband, who was very unsure of the process, walked into my office the day after your visit and handed me a check for $350 that came from the IRS for taxes from three years ago". The only thing he said was, "I guess that feng shui stuff is working." A simple change in placement can turn a mind set into a 'aha' moment of empowerment that lasts a life time.

Patty desperately needed to sell her home. She and her husband were self employed arts professionals. They came to the Pacific NW at the beginning of the recession and it proved to be a wrong move. They were sinking in debt from their mortgage payment and they could not find work anywhere, not in Portland, not Seattle, not New York not London. Patty was experiencing health issues. She had thought that perhaps the feng shui of her home had something to do with their recent bad luck. She called me with questions. When we got to her bedroom, she said her bed was in line of the stairway AND the front door. That gave me a shiver. Triple trouble for she and her husband ~ their finances, resources and health were sliding out the door. We corrected that and a few more design details which had brought their lives to a halt. Once the cures were in place, within the month the results were over the charts. Her home, which had been on the market for one year, sold within one month. Her husband was offered and accepted a job in Washington D.C., within the month. Her health improved dramatically within the month. They moved the day after the house closed, within the month. Her comment was, "Thanks, Bette! When things happen, they happen fast."

Though different scenarios, the circumstances are similar. Both women were given the tools to take command of their space and change their life situation.

Environments matter! Feng Shui concepts get to the point and clear the obstacles for real estate sales, what direction to take for new construction, show you the best placement for the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom remodel and what elements to consider when buying a home.

Since 1999, I've been enriching my client's living experience with feng shui design because it creates a balanced space that enhances not only the equity, but empowers personal satisfaction, elevates professional success and restores their quality of work, love and play. Live in freedom, create the life you imagine.

Bette Steflik
Feng Shui Specialist in the Pacific NW (virtual travel is in my repertoire too!)

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