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Feng Shui Business and Home Life

Creating a Feng Shui Business in Queens, New York

Contributed by Carole Provenzale, Owner Feng Shui Long Island, New York, New York USA

In the beautiful art of Feng Shui, many Feng Shui Consultants believe your Home supports your Business. Often when we are having issues with work, it may well be related to issues found in the home.

It is not unusual, then, to be called for a Feng Shui Consultation for both our homes and our businesses. Our working environments are every bit as important as the surroundings in our homes and we seek to achieve a balance in both to create the most benefits of Feng Shui for our clients.

Troubles in the Neighborhood
Before Carole's Feng Shui Consultation

Maria called us for just this reason. She was having difficulties with a neighbor in her lovely Queens NY apartment and both she and her fiancé who she lives with were going through a huge disappointment over a business they wanted to start.
Omni Martial Arts - Before Feng Shui

They believed they’d found the PERFECT place to rent in Astoria, Queens but had lost the space to someone else. During our Feng Shui Consultation in her home, when we saw the Energy and Intent she had for this particular space they’d wanted to rent, we suggested they “claim” the space as their own and gave suggestions on how to do just that.

While Maria believed very much in Feng Shui, her partner Julio wasn’t quite so sure about it. He’d made the changes throughout the apartment we suggested but balked at calling the Realtor back. “That space is taken” he kept saying. The Real Estate Agent had told him herself and he saw no reason to call her.

After addressing the issues with their neighbors to help strengthen the “disconnect,” he finally agreed to call the Realtor back. As it turns out, the space HAD become available and Maria and Julio got it.

After Carole's Feng Shui Consultation

Money was tight to start a new business but they told us “Helpful Friends” started appearing to help them with all the work their new Martial Arts Studio would need. One created a website, many helped paint and one even created a Custom Floor for the new Studio.

Feng Shui knows no boundaries. Often times the changes we suggest are small and may seem unimportant but each and every change, along with Intention, can be crucial in achieving the very best goals. Feng Shui is also very powerful; Dreams become Realities.

Maria and Julio are now the proud owners of Omni Martial Arts in Astoria, Queens, NY, the very same place they saw a vision of what they wanted to create. They offer complimentary classes and this mindful place is geared for Children, Adults and Seniors to embrace the entire community.

Omni Martial Arts is a place to leave your cares behind when you enter and not feel pressured to try and “keep up.” You go at your own pace.

If you are having difficulties in any area of your life, the Ancient Art of Feng Shui may help you as well.

Carole Provenzale, Owner Feng Shui Long Island

Carole Provenzale, Owner, Feng Shui Long Island

Carole Provenzale is a valued and frequent contributor
to Feng-Shui-Vibes.com.

Carole is Founder of Feng Shui Long Island, New York, est. 1997

Carole has the distinction of being one of the first Certified Feng Shui Consultants in New York and the United States.

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