Feng Shui Business Wealth Study

Contributed by Carole Provenzale - New York, New York USA
Owner, Feng Shui Long Island

As a New York Feng Shui Consultant, I am often called in for a Feng Shui Analysis of a Business or Corporation. Feng Shui Consultants often look at things in a space differently; we call it "Feng Shui Eyes."

In this particular Corporation, the main issue was a lack of money. While previous years had seen nothing but growth, the owner of the Corporation had seen a sharp decline in the companies profits in recent years.

The owner had also just begun to study Reiki, an ancient art of wholistic healing and had become very "in tune" with the powerful forces of Energy in a Space. She felt that something must have fallen off in her business but had not been able to figure out what it was.
We use the Bagua from the Front Entrance of a space and when accessing Wealth Concerns, we often look to the back, left hand corner of a Space.

As we got closer I could see it was quite a large room with beautiful windows. The blinds were all drawn and I was told the room had basically been unused for quite some time. It was dark and lifeless. I inquired who used to use the room and she'd had a very devoted individual who worked for her but had eventually decided to move. It had been basically empty since that time.
The photo shows my view of the Back, left hand side of the Corporation, representing The Wealth Area - a darkened room In further discussion it wasn't surprising to me that she realized her finances had started dropping shortly after he left. He'd kept the room energetic and positive. She got the connection with the "life" going out of her finances just about the same time as this person left the office.

We often see in both homes and businesses that some rooms are not used. Often, they are closed off and left "lifeless" as well. Energy needs to flow in and through a space and won't be able to do so if there are blockages in any area.

In Feng Shui Businesses and Homes, we access the entire area and while this wasn't the only issue, it certainly did have a contributing part. For those of you that have rooms that aren't used often, open the blinds, add some plants (for pure "Life Force") and the windows for a few minutes each day---you'll often find things start to change for the better!

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Feng Shui Business Wealth
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