Feng Shui Vibes & The Law of Attraction

How does Feng Shui relate to the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction, states that through our thoughts, we attract all of the experiences that we have into our every day lives.

There are several steps that are given by many authors about how to set The Law of Attraction into motion in order to achieve your desired goals. There is a critical step that has been left out of many manifestation formulas. It's simply the very important step to ensure that your surroundings support your intentions.

What are your goals and intentions? Do you take time to consciously decide what it is that you would like to see come into your life? Through the power of intention and holding the vision for a particular outcome for yourself, you can manifest a desired result, just based on your decision to create it.

In fact, we may create our reality and what's in it all the time without ever realizing what's going on. It takes practice to be aware every minute and to realize that what we think, say and do make such profound contributions to our quality of life.

In the practice of Feng Shui, we look at the impact that our environment has upon our lives. If you think and state an intention to achieve a specific goal, and then forget that your surroundings are not set up in such a way as to support that new intention, you may not have the opportunity to see your goal complete in the way that you first decided upon it.

Look to your home and workspaces as the opportunity to set up the right environment for your intentions to manifest. Make it beautiful, comfortable, safe - free of conflict. Most of all set the stage for positive experiences. By surrounding yourself and your family with everything positive, you may find that your lifestyle and happiness expands.

It's subtle, but it's all in the Vibrations, or "vibes". Science tells us that everything, even matter that we think of as solid is really in motion all of the time. What we believe is solid is matter vibrating at different rates of speed. Solids, gases and even thoughts vibrate - and so do You!

State your intentions, and then set up your living and working spaces to support your goal until, through The Law of Attraction, that particular situation comes to you. Make sure that you don't change your mind in the process or doubt the outcome, or the original intention will be changed and the outcome won't be the same.

Many tips and techniques are given throughout this site to help you set up your home or office in the best way possible to assist you in creating your happiness. Many of the Feng Shui tips on this site may be used to help you create the focus you might need to bring about a relationship or level of prosperity (love and money). Enjoy the journey, and apply only those suggestions that make your surroundings beautiful, safe and comfortable. Then remember to think positive and speak positive. Watch closely for the results.......

  • Think and decide exactly what it is that you would like to create in your life
  • Set your intention: Write it down, and speak it out loud clearly and with passion
  • Express gratitude every day for attracting your goals to you, just as if those desired results were already in your presence
  • Visualize your anticipated outcome, and see everyone involved benefiting
  • Set up your home and work surroundings with Feng Shui reminders and remedies that make you feel good about your intended outcome
  • Be aware that if you change your mind or doubt the process, your original intention may be canceled out - or show up in another way that you may not have considered
  • Then, relax, and let your intentions manifest and show up when the time and circumstances are best for everyone involved

"Just as a picture is drawn by an artist, surroundings are created by
the activities of the mind." Guatama Buddha

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. A few thousand years, the Chinese were concerned with placing their homes in a protected position against nature's vagaries. Analyzing land formations and the surrounding energy flow for harmony and balance gradually evolved into a formal practice.

Feng Shui means "Wind and Water". Both wind and water in large amounts can be very damaging so the ancient Chinese learned that building a home high on a hilltop left it vulnerable to strong currents. Placing the home in a valley where there was a water source such as a river caused concern for flooding safety.

The "just right" position was determined to be at the base of the mountain, protected from the wind and yet far enough from the water to be safe. This configuration was known as the belly of the dragon, but any comfortable, safe site was said to have good Chi, the vital Life Force Energy that flows through the Universe.

We are looking for the "just right" position and feeling for your personal spaces: home, office, room, garden and property.

When you know that your home is your sanctuary, you open up to a new support system that balances personal passions with stability and serenity".

Please continue reading to learn how to bring balance and harmony into your surroundings. Enjoy the 100+ pages of Feng Shui tips, stories and products on this site.......  

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